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E-Math was born with a vision to help students learn Math the right way and Eliminate Math Phobia which they usually face due to traditional blackboard learning.

Teaching Students of All Ages both Academics and Non - Academics!

Teaching Process has remained the same for decades.

Our Vision at E-Math is to re-imagine and evolve the way teaching and learning have been happening for decades. By combining quality teachers, engaging content and superior technology we are able to create a prime learning experience for students and aid in their outcome improvement, which is unlike any offline experience. 

Teaching and learning are set to transform at a rapid pace and our mission at E-Math is to accelerate these transformations.


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CEO & Project Manager

Sindhu M B

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Founder & Director

Giridhar S

Strategic Partner

Krishna Sarapali

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Sales & Marketing



" E-Math is a knowledge network where any student can tap into a teacher directly and learning can happen in a personalized way, anytime-anywhere. Enjoy Learning and Eliminate Math Phobia. "

Our Administration

" Mathematical thinking is an Essential Skill that will give every Child and Edge over their peers.

We will continue to Empower Children with Mathematical thinking so they are equipped to embrace the complex challenges of the future. E-Math will lead the way in nurturing a million critical thinkers and problem solvers in the country. "

" With E-Math, we aim to redefine how Math is taught to all the children. Math is the Subject required everyday for thinking and problem-solving techniques. With E-Math, I hope children will master Math by developing Mathematical thinking which is a necessary skill for their success in future. Join our community today and Eliminate Math Phobia. "

" E-Math is one of the innovative E-Learning Companies I came Across and Jumped to be a Part of it. The Vision is to "Eliminate Math Phobia" in young minds at an affordable cost globally. I believe they are making all the Country's Government job easy and being a major catalyst in making their citizens smarter. "